Hosted by: ​Professor Jeremy Kuzmarov, Craig “Pasta” Jardula

The new Left-on-Left segment (LOL—which also stands for Laugh Out Loud) provides critical commentary on left wing media and political figures in the United States from a left-wing perspective, in a way that is enjoyable and accessible to a wide audience. The show features radio personality and ex-Navy enlisted man Craig “Pasta” Jardula, who fashions himself the Captain, and Professor Jeremy Kuzmarov, who is managing editor of CovertAction Magazine. Each week, the two hosts dissect some of the major shortcomings and gaffes seen in left-wing political circles. They take on topics that are taboo in left-wing media (ie. political assassinations, CIA covert operations, false flag operations), criticize left-wing institutions and luminaries, and provide independent political analysis. A key purpose of the show is to facilitate critical self-reflection and help get people on the left to think more outside the box and to not subscribe to a dangerous herd mentality. “Pasta” supplies a good dose of humor each week, while Kuzmarov is able to draw on his reservoir of historical knowledge to try and help inform listeners/viewers of important things going on in the U.S. and world.

Jeremy Kuzmarov

Jeremy Kuzmarov teaches U.S. history at Tulsa Community College and is Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine. A regular political commentator on Sputnik radio and previously RT America, he has taught U.S. history and foreign relations history at numerous colleges across the U.S., including Bucknell University and the University of Tulsa. He has published over a dozen peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including an essay in the distinguished Oxford History of Counterinsurgency, edited by Martin Thomas and Gareth Curless, and is author of hundreds of journalistic/political analysis pieces in online webzines and local newspapers.

Kuzmarov is the author of five books on U.S. foreign policy, including: The Myth of the Addicted Army: Vietnam and the Modern War on Drugs (Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 2009); Modernizing Repression: Police Training and Nation Building in the American Century (Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 2012), Obama’s Unending Wars (Clarity Press, 2019), The Russians Are Coming, Again, with John Marciano (Monthly Review Press, 2018), and Warmonger. How Clinton’s Malign Foreign Policy Launched the U.S. Trajectory From Bush II to Biden (Clarity Press, 2023).

He can be reached at: and followed on substack.

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