Hosted by: Alex Steinberg, Chair Pacifica National Board

Tune into WBAI on Saturday June 5th from 4-6p for a debate on the 2021 Pacifica bylaw referendum. You'll hear proponents and opponents of the proposed changes which could radically alter the Pacifica Foundation, which owns WBAI here in NY and our sister stations WPFW in DC, KPFT in Houston, KPFA in Berkeley and KPFK in LA. Tune in to hear debaters compare the present bylaws with the proposed bylaws to help you decide how to vote when you get your member ballot in a few days. 

The debate will seek to answer these questions: 

Is Pacifica on the precipice of a financial disaster or has there rather been a misinformation campaign hoping to panic people? 

Will the new governing structure help Pacifica deal with the financial challenges we face?

Is a democratic governance structure important to maintain? If so how do the present bylaws and the proposed new bylaws compare in terms of democracy?

Is local community input into programming and evaluation of management important and if so, how do the current bylaws and proposed new bylaws compare?

The debate will be moderated by Alex Steinberg, Chair of the Pacifica National Board. You'll have a chance to phone in and voice your questions and concerns by calling 212 209 2877 or Tweet us @WBA

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