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Hosted by: Dr. Kamau Kokayi + Ausarayah Kokayi

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Dr. Kokayi
Ausarayah Kokayi
With the evolving understanding of the nature of reality and the Universe through the eyes of quantum physics, there is an expanded awareness of what is healing and medicinal that is becoming inclusive of other cultural realities and healing technologies, both ancient and modern.

Dr. Kokayi will draw on his over 35 years of experience as a holistically oriented licensed physician to explore the landscape of health issues affecting people and the possibilities for healing and restoration of health that comes from broadening our perspective of what is possible and what has been achieved as we look at health, healing, and wellness from a multi cultural and multi dimensional perspective. 

Dr. Kokayi Bio:

Kamau Kokayi was first exposed to alternative and holistic medical therapeutics during a soul searching year-long hiatus away from Yale Medical School. His exposure to homeopathy and Chinese medicine sent him on parallel tracks within the alternative medical field for over thirty-five years. While completing his medical degree at Yale he wrote his thesis on Physics, Acupuncture and Medicine (Where Philosophy Meets Medicine), which gave him a totally different paradigm from which to view health and disease. He has explored health and healing traditions from around the world and is a graduate Priest of a Traditional African Spiritual Society.

Ausarayah Bio:

Yah-Yah is a wellness advocate, a Foodie, and curator. She has a background in community development and performing arts. Her love for community has driven her to support, create and improve programs that enrich communities to live an enlightened holistic lifestyle.

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