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Mimi Rosenberg

Movers and shakers occupy the airwaves to further an understanding of the true history and current events of this country and for us then to pursue and actually realize its promise of democracy.  On Equal Rights and Justice, we educate, agitate and organize to empower - for a Better World is Possible!  

MImi Rosenberg is an attorney with over 30 years' experience in the practice of poverty law at The Legal Aid Society and has authored several texts on how the plutocracy exercises control of the populace by race and class through its city planning process and housing development processes. Producer of the country's oldest, longest-running award-winning "Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report" over WBAI. 99.5FM, started in 1968, which is carried over 75 radio and internet stations nationally and produces WBAI's Wednesday Edition morning show from 6-8AM.

This program is a public affairs program highlighting issues of law and social justice. As part of her extensive background in worker organizing she was the Director of Political Education of the Sportswear Joint Board of the International Ladies Garments Workers Union (ILGWU) and founder and Project Director of the South Bronx Garment Worker's Center (a multi-service center for unionized and unorganized garment worker).

Ms Rosenberg has worked on a myriad of campaigns against mass-incarceration and the release of political prisoners and towards prison abolition. She co-founded the NY Support Committee for The Black Panther Party and co-founded the Black United Front Support Committee both coalitions of white groups and individuals committed to supporting the concerns and activities of the African-American organizations and self-determinations of oppressed peoples amongst whites in their workplaces and communities; provided graphic arts support for the American-Indian movement during the siege of Wounded Knee , was eastern-region coordinator of the National Affirmative Action Committee, was a Venceremos Participant, worked with the United Nations Committee Against Apartheid, acted as an election monitor during the 1994 elections in South Africa and worked with the ANC to develop prototypes for legal clinics to serve the indigent population's civil legal needs in Cape Town.

Ms Rosenberg was politically schooled in issues of self-determination and white supremacy during the New York City' s struggle for community community in the 1960's.

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