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Sojourner Truth brings you news and views on local, national, and international policies and stories that affect us all. We draw out how those of us most impacted - women, communities of color and other communities are responding. We also discuss the inter-relationship between art and politics. At the start of our show we bring you the headlines of the day.

This public affairs show includes local, national and international stories.  The show’s format includes news headlines, breaking stories, weekly roundtables, a weekly “Earth Minute” and “Earth Watch” and occasional one hour specials and youth produced shows.  The show also organizes community based forums on the environment, what the mainstream media won’t tell you about Africa, Venezuela and more. 

Host Margaret Prescod is the executive producer and host of “Sojourner Truth” on Pacifica Radio’s KPFK, WBAI and WPFW. Her on-air guests have ranged from Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, to civil rights icons including Julian Bond,  Jesse Jackson, the late Dorothy Height, actors and activists Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and others, as well as grassroots voices from the US, the Global South and Europe, to whiz kid Nate Silver to former advisor to MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe.  She was part of the team that did the first US in-person radio interview with the late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez; other members of the team were Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Of Afro-Caribbean descent, Margaret was born and raised in Barbados where she attended Girls Foundation School.  Her family immigrated to Crown Heights in Brooklyn, NYC where Margaret attended high school and university.  For many years she was on faculty at Queens College of the City University of New York as part of the SEEK program where she helped to co-found the Queens College Women’s Action Group.  

A long time community-based campaigner for women's rights and against racism, Margaret was trained in the civil rights, welfare rights and Black movements.  Organizations and networks that Margaret helped to found include Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, Black Women for Wages for Housework; Every Mother is A Working Mother Network, International Network of Women of Color and Women of Color Global Women’s Strike.   She led the lobby team of the International Women Count Network which won the UN decision that governments should measure and value unwaged work in the home, on the land and in the community, considered by many to be the most important macro-economic decision to come out of the UN Decade for Women. She is one of the spokeswomen for Women in Dialogue which has Category 2 Status at the UN.   

Margaret is a mother and the author of the UK published book Black Women: Bringing It All Back Home.  Her work has been covered on CNN, the Guardian newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Counterpoint and other news outlets.

The Sojourner Truth logo is based on a painting of “Oya”, an ancient being brought to the Americas by Africans who were enslaved.  She is based on her the Brazilian manifestation..  She is an icon in many indigenous cultures of both the north and south but with different names and manifestations.  She is a warrior representing change, she carries her message on the wind.  She was a strength for those who survived the Middle Passage.

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