Tuesday 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Hosted by: Barika Edwards

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Twitter: @artsyfartsyshow

What do an anthropologist, a former NYC politician, an Irish Voice journalist, Uma Thurman's body double, a foodie web personality, a former pirate, a Mexican wrestling announcer and an eco-consultant have in common? These are just a sampling of the personalities that comprise the eclectic team of hosts and contributors to "The Artsy Fartsy Show".

The Artsy Fartsy Show covers all that is new and relevant in the performing, visual, and culinary arts worlds. The show features segments regarding art, politics, artists' rights and highlights current cultural events in New York City.

Joining producer/host Barika Edwards are co- host Spender Howard, Peter Gleason who reports on art and politics, food and restaurant critic Nikki Dinki, theater critic Philip Seidman, NYC culture corespondent Hollis Witherspoon, music critic Jack Dourakos, songwriter/hip hop ukulele player Jon Braman, and Melissa Silver reporting on the visual art scene.

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