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The WBAI Player requires Adobe Flash to run, which means it runs on most computers, tablets and smart phones - but not on Apple's iPhone and iPad. For other ways of listening to WBAI on line, check out the On-The-Go section below.

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Missed a show, an interesting guest? Lost without your favorite music or personalities on WBAI? No problem. WBAI keeps extensive audio archives of its shows. Click the button below to listen to the shows you missed!

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You can listen online or download previously-aired shows. However, due to copyright restrictions, Music shows may be listened to online for only two weeks following airdate, and cannot be downloaded.'

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New!! The Pacifica Radio App for the iPhone and Android!

Pacifica Radio has reelased a new mobile app that will let you stream live radio from any of its stations through your iPhone or Android device!


For more information or download the apps, click below:

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In addition to the Pacifica apps, the TuneIn Radio app is available both in a free edition and a 99 cent edition with some extra features.

Remember, streaming any radio station involves downloading lots of data. If your plan is not flat-fee or unlimited, this can be very expensive.


The Pacifica Archives

The Pacifica network was founded in 1947, and has aired 65 years of historical news, information, opinion, interviews, music and the arts - much of which is being digitized and archived for future generations in The Pacifica Archives - which ncludes shows and interviews with, or about, the people who shaped the last half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st, including such luminaries as Gore Vidal, Rita Mae Brown, Bertrand Russel, James Baldwin, George Carlin, Molly Ivins, Studs Turkel, Christopher Isherwood and many, many others.

The Vault

Click the icon above to learn more about the Pacifica Archives, or click here for information on the "From The Vault" radio program.