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Please note: A partnership is a long term agreement not just for a single, one time event media sponsorhip. Please use the Media Sponsor Event Form for that.

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WBAI fulfills its mission to “educate, promote, and aid creative activities which serve the cultural welfare of diverse communities in New York City” by partnering with other complimentary not-for-profit organizations. Partnership endeavors can include, but are not limited to, providing live airing of partner’s events, public service announcements, listing of events in our monthly e-Newsletter (to 30,000 members), social networking, recording and archiving of performances, space for meetings, links on our website, as well as opportunities for experimental use of the radio and other disciplines.

WBAI partners are requested to display the WBAI logo as a link on their website (noted as “Media Sponsor”) as well as include the logo on event materials that WBAI supports with activities as noted above. WBAI and its partners keep each other notified of relevant grant opportunities and co-operate on grant applications when needed. Partners participate in WBAI’S “Member Perks” by providing discounts or other privileges to WBAI members where appropriate.

When possible, WBAI will seek to connect producers with partner’s personnel to develop mutually beneficial programming, both on and off the air. Through various kinds of collaborations WBAI and its partners support each other in order to keep cultural and intellectual activities in NYC both lively and accessible.

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