Local Station Board Elections

checkmarkWBAI Local Station Board Election Results

Below are the results of the WBAI elections. A quorum of ballots were returned, and these results are now certified.

Terry Bouricius, Pacifica National Elections Supervisor
Theresa Graham, WBAI Local Election Supervisor

ELECTED - Listener Election

Manijeh Saba
Luis Barrios
Frank LeFever
Cerene Roberts
Ken Laufer
William Heerwagen
Jeremy Taylor
Sharonne Salaam
Patricia Logan

RUNNERS UP – Listener Election (in order)

Robert Young
Russell Dale
Murray Gordon
Ebon Charles
Cookie Palmer
Eugene Hamond
Thomas Barton
Mario Mastrandrea
Diana Crowder
Shahid Comrade
Carlos Canales

ELECTED - Staff Election

Janet Coleman
Reggie Johnson
John Riley

 RUNNERS UP – Staff Election (in order)

Jeannie Hopper
Camille Raneem
Vajra Kilgour


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Election Schedule will be posted here, when available.

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Forums will be posted here before the next election

checkmarkSample Ballots

Familiarize yourself with the WBAI Local Station Board ballots!

Click here to see a sample ballot for the WBAI Listener Delegate election. (PDF)
Click here to see a sample ballot for the WBAI Staff Delegate election. (PDF)

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The Pacifica Foundation, the oldest network of non-commercial, community-based radio stations in the United States, is the only listener-supported independent media network for which both listener-members and staff-members (paid and unpaid) have the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process with respect to the station's budget, programming and policies via the local station board. Each local station board (LSB) is composed of 24 delegates and 12 are elected to serve on the board each election cycle. These 12 delegates are elected to the board through two simultaneous elections, one among staff-members (staff members elect 3 staff delegates) and one among listener-members (listeners elect 9 listener members). The Local Election Supervisor is charged with supervising these two simultaneous elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are You Eligible To Vote in the WBAI Local Station Board Election?

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