The Real Path to Peace in Ukraine
- New York 11/23/2022 by Peoples Forum, Answer Coalition, Allies (WBAI, NY)

We listen to a broadcast from the People's Forum held on November 19th, 2022. The Real Path To Peace in Ukraine: Peace Yes, War No.

Organizers of the forum agree that there is no road to peace while U.S. govenment policy continues to obstruct negotiations and send endless weapons into the warzone.

The Proxy War: The coalition calls for a radical shift in the direction of U.S. military and foreign policy and an end to NATO expansion with money spent on eduation, healthcare and houseing--not the war machine. 

You'll hear from Dr. Jill Stein, Brian Becker, Noam Chomsky. Claudia de la Cruz, Medea Benjamin, Vijay Prushad and others. Take the time and listen by clicking the link above. 

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