NYC Public Health: Covid-19 + MPV
- New York City 09/01/2022 by Linda Perry (NYC Council)

The NYC Council held an information session on MPV, formerly known as Monkey Pox, as well as on Covid 19 and other health concerns. NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams from Queens noting that the school year is about to start says, "There is no better time to make sure that our childen, families and communities are up to date on our imunizations."

Whether it's for MPV, Covid-19, Polio or other diseases, Adams says, "getting vaccinated is the best way to stay safe and healthy." She encourages everyone to get their vaccine shots and listen to our health professionals.

In this session, which the City Council calls Chat & Chew, you hear from other City Council members who seek to destigmatize MPV and from Deputy Health Commissioner, Dr. Torian Easterling on this disease and others as NYC continues to fight disease on many fronts.

Please click the link above to listen 

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