Historic Flash Flooding in New York From Climate Change
- New York 09/02/2021 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Last night New York experienced record flooding on our streets and in our subways triggering historic flash flood emergencies. Vinnie Sapienza is Commissioner of NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection, “Rainfall rates were really extraordinary and far exceeded the capacity of the system. Anything over 2 inches an hour, we’re going to have trouble with.” 

Sapienza says the amount of rainfall from Henri a few weeks ago yielded about the same amount of rainfall, but the storm last night fell within a really short window, a few hours. He said that was the big difference. Sapienza stood with NY officials in Jamaica, Queens. There, three people died from flooding in their basement home. Queens Borough President Donovan Richards says if we don’t address climate change we will continue to lose lives in Queens and across this country. “We don’t have to look any further than Louisiana to see what also happened there.”  

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Queens BP Donovan Richards sends message to homeowners to document storm damage.