Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo-NYS Coronavirus Update: Virtual Weddings -- Scaling Testing -- Housing for People Affected by COVID-19
- 04/19/2020

April 18, 2020.

Our state and nation are facing a generational challenge. The situation is bad, and there is no time and no place for division. We have our hands full as it is. My hope is that we can look past politics and work together as states — that's why we're called the United States. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, quoting the Gospel of Mark: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." 
1. The Coronavirus statistics are trending in the right direction. The total number of hospitalizations fell for the fifth straight day, suggesting that we may be past the "plateau" of the curve and that we are starting to descend. The number of intubations also fell. But while the situation is better than it was, it is still not good. Tragically, there were still about 2,000 COVID hospitalizations and 540 fatalities yesterday.
2. In order for states to begin reopening, there needs to be federal coordination of the supply chain to bring testing to scale. New York State is testing more than any other state in the nation — but it's still not up to the scale we need. We asked the top 50 labs in New York what they would need to double their testing output, and all said they needed more testing chemicals (known as "reagents"). We need the federal government to oversee the supply chain and help get labs what they need.
3. New Yorkers can now get marriage licenses remotely. I issued an Executive Order allowing New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely and allowing clerks to perform ceremonies via video conference. The Executive Order will temporarily suspend a provision of law that requires in-person visits.
4. Individuals who are assisting with or have been displaced by COVID-19 must have a place to stay. An Executive Order will enable individuals assisting with the COVID-19 response or individuals who have been displaced due to COVID-19 to stay in a hotel in New York City for more than 28 days without legally becoming a tenant. This will make it easier for both hotels and these guests to navigate the housing codes during this uncertain time.
Tonight's "Deep Breath Moment": A 99-year-old British WWII veteran has raised more than 20 million pounds ($25 million) for the health service by walking laps in his garden. He set a personal challenge to raise 1,000 pounds by walking his garden 100 times by his 100th birthday on April 30th, which has inspired thousands of people around the world to contribute.

Ever Upward,
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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