NY Governor's CoVid19 Briefing
- NY 03/29/2020 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in his daily Covid 19 briefing today says cases continue to climb. NYC will face the first height of the curve when the number of infections peak in about two to three weeks. The height of infections will move on to Westchester and Long Island, then Upstate New York.

There are 59,513 positive CoVid19 cases in NY. Last night 16,000 people were tested. Out of these 7,000 people tested positive. Deaths in New York have now reached 965.

Cuomo is calling for interaction of private and public hospital systems. He says no hospital is an island and we really have to have a new culture of hospitals working with one another. The Governor extended NY Pause mandating that non-essential workers stay home for another two weeks, until April 15th.

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