Gwen Carr Mother of Eric Garner Killed by NYPD
- Brooklyn 01/31/2019 by Paul DeRienzo (WBAI)

Gwen Carr appeared live on WBAI 99.5-FM Listener sponsored Pacifica radio in New York City. She was interviewed by WBAI News Director Paul DeRienzo

Nearly two dozen witnesses may be called in the NYPD trial of the cop accused of using a deadly chokehold on Eric Garner, the Daily News has learned.

Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo is facing department charges for using a banned maneuver, killing Garner on a Staten Island street on July 17, 2014.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board said Thursday it plans to call 17 witnesses to the stand in Police Headquarters, with another 33 possible. Lawyers for Pantaleo said they intend to call 22 witnesses.

If that happens, the trial, set to begin in May, could be one of the longest departmental trials in history. The judge, Rosemary Maldonado can cut the list down to police officers only, and eliminate the civilians.

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