Bernie Sanders - Two Years into the Resistance
- New York 11/27/2018 by Jessica Brockington (WBAI News)

Bernie Sanders has not said whether he'll run for the US Presidency in 2020. His supporters at Town Hall were hopeful.
Bernie Sanders was in NYC to whip up enthusiasm for a progressive platform this week at Town Hall. He’s promoting his new book. It’s called “Where we go from here.” The answer, for Sanders, is to leverage the now Democratic-controlled House to take on Trump, and to unite both red and blue states on issues important to ordinary Americans. 

"You would not think that we would have to ask this question. You know, we had conservative presidents in the past, but to what degree are Trump's financial investments impacting his governmental decisions?" Sanders says.

"Is he palsy-walsy with Vladimir Putin just because he likes authoritarianism. Maybe. Or is there a financial reason as well? And the same thing is with our leader of, um, Saudi Arabia and what Trump's financial involvements are there as well."

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