Dave McReynolds
- 08/17/2018 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

David McReynolds- War Resisters League
Longtime Peace Activist Dave McReynolds passed away at 1:30 this morning after a fall at his home in lower Manhattan. Until then he was healthy with a sharp mind. As is the case with some people who are getting on in years, he was a bit shaky and would sometimes lose his balance. Friends checked in on him regularly and he was found soon after he had fallen. 

McReynolds had a long history of peace activism. During the Korean War, he was a draft resister. He joined the staff of the War Resisters League in 1960 where he worked for almost forty years.

McReynolds was one of the first to publicly expose the flow of U.S. arms and advisors in the lead up to the Vietnam War.  He was a committed pacifist who was on WBAI's air many times through the years. In 1980 running on the Socialist Party ticket, he was the first openly gay presidential candidate. 

McReynolds was also a photographer and most recently he was going through old photos in hopes of a future exhibit. Many of his historic photos are online here.

Neighbors and friends checked in on McReynolds often. He stayed in touch with his family and continued to be actively involved in peace activism, posting to listservs, including one for older activists. War Resistors League says condolences are pouring in. A memorial is being organized. Dave McReynolds was 88 years old.