Notes from the Left Forum: A Vision Moving Forward
- 06/25/2018 (WBAI)

Cathy Deng of CAAAV
In this program we hear community organizers Bhairavi Desai, the founding member of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance and Cathy Deng of CAAAV, Organizing Asian Communities on what the Left could look like.

Desai says the labor movement can be the catalyst to make the Democratic Party distance itself from Wall Street. She says, "We still are the most organized force of people in this society. The labor movement has tremendous power, the problem is that it has been for far too long a tool of capital rather than being a vehicle of change." 

Deng says the left needs to continue to build camaraderie to move forward and to stay focused, "We have to have fun. It's important for imagination and for love and hope." 

The Left Forum was held in NYC at John Jay in June of 2018. It presented critical analysis of the day's issues in an effort to formulate new strategies to counter the rising tide of the reactionary right all over the western world.