WBAI Evening News
- New York 06/27/2018 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

NY1 captures the moment Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finds out she beat Joe Crowley in the Queens Democratic Congressional Primary.
In the news - protests against the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Donald Trump's Muslim Ban; 18 State Attorneys General challenge the administration's southern border policy; New data brief from Make the Road NY And the Center for Popular Democracy shows how the  private detention industry is expected to swell and profit Wall Street under Trump's policy of indefinite detention for immigrant families; Justice Anthony Kennedy announces his resignation from the Supreme Court. NYC tenants protest rent hikes at the Rent Guidelines Board.

A resounding victory in Queens for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who defeated powerful incumbent Joe Crowley. Ben Max of Gotham Gazette wraps up New York primary results for us; Ben Jealous, former NAACP President, wins Maryland's Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. For all this and more, please click the arrow above for audio.