Notes from the Left Forum: The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump
- New York 06/04/2018 (WBAI Radio)

NYU Psychiatrist Dr. Jim Gilligan at the Left forum 2018 spoke at a panel entitled "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump," which is the title of a New York Times bestseller. It contains assessments of Trump by twenty-seven psychiatrists and mental health experts.

Gilligan speaks on the dangers of the politicization of the psychiatric community and the prohibitive nature of the Goldwater Rule. It was named after Barry Goldwater which says its unethical for members of the American psychiatric association to give opinions on public figures they have not examined personally or haven’t gotten clearance to discuss publically. The doctor shares his opinions on Trump on this panel resulting from his extensive experience. 

The 2018 Left Forum was held in New York City at John Jay College. Please click the arrow above to hear the program. 

headline photo
Dr. Jim Gilligan, Left Forum, New York City