Notes from the Left Forum: Ethnic Cleansing by I.C.E.
- New York 06/11/2018 by Linda Perry (WBAI Radio)

New Sanctuary Coalition's Ravi Ragbir.
This program features New Sanctuary Coalition’s Ravi Ragbir and Legal Aid Immigration Attorney Steve Sacco from a Left Forum panel which describes modern-day ethnic cleansing. Ragbir pushes back against I.C.E and the U.S. Justice Department. He asks why U.S. citizens are upholding a racist immigration system. Sacco advocates for an open border. He says the left needs conversations on the issue, should stop being defensive and instead put the right on the offensive. 

Notes from the Left Forum: "Toward a New Strategy for the Left," was the theme of the 2018 conference to counter the Trump presidency which organizers say has "brought out the most dangerous and oppressive aspects of America ― rapacious capitalism and foundational racism and misogyny ― out of the shadows and into a chillingly clear light." They point to a rising tide of the reactionary right all over the world." 

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