Some Justice for Mohamed Bah
- New York 05/23/2018 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Mohamed Bah was shot to death by NYPD officers on the evening of September 25, 2012. Finally, this week Bah's family and community received some justice when a federal judge upheld a $2.2 million verdict against the NYPD in the wrongful shooting. This was after a jury last November found that NYPD Detective Edwin Mateo used "excessive force."  Bah's mother, Hawa Bah after the ruling said, “I know that I can have the victory but I cannot have my son again back."

The news report above is from a rally for the 28-year-old man, six months after he was killed. You'll hear anguish, despair, anger and the cry for justice from family and community members. At the time the Manhattan District Attorney’s office was investigating circumstances surrounding the shooting, looking into how the NYPD handled the situation. 

headline photo
A rally for Mohamed Bah was across from the Federal District Court in Lower Manhattan in 2013