Mayer and Sepulveda Win NYS Senate Seats for Dems
- New York 04/24/2018 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Assembly Member Shelley Mayer wins NYS Senate Seat in Westchester
Democrats came close to a majority in the New York State Senate in a special election on Tuesday with wins by Shelley Mayer in Westchester and Luis Sepulveda in the Bronx. 

Democratic leader, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins from Yonkers said, “These electoral wins are part of the ‘blue wave’ sweeping our state and nation which will help even more Senate Democratic candidates win in the upcoming general election.” 

Mayer said the race was about bringing a Democratic majority to the State Senate, so it can take its place as a progressive leader. “It was about the strength and energy of a big tent-Democratic Party where labor, Indivisibles, activists come together to fight for our shared values. It was about rejecting Trumpism and standing tall against bigotry as we fight for women's rights, victims of sexual misconduct, environmental protections, and common-sense gun control.”

A majority, however, is still out of reach in the 63 seat body, because Brooklyn Senator Simcha Felder who has caucused with Republicans said he will continue to sit with them. He said, “I believe it is my obligation to prevent an unprecedented and uncertain late session political battle that will only hurt my constituents and New Yorkers.”