WBAI Evening News: Trump's Tax Plan - New Yorkers Protest Scott Pruitt and EPA Cuts
- 09/27/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Outrage over cuts to the EPA bring protesters to Senator Chuck Schumer's door.
—Senate Budget Committee Republicans and the Trump Administration rolled out their new tax plan. Trump says, "Tax simplification will be a major feature of the plan." His plan eliminates the estate tax for millionaires and billionaires who like Trump and family members inherit businesses, investments and real estate holdings  "To protect millions of small businesses and the American farmer, we are finally ending the crushing, the horrible, the unfair estate tax or as it is often referred to the death tax", said Trump today of his tax plan at the Indiana Fairgrounds. The plan adds to the deficit, benefits the 1% and jeopardizes social security. It is another Republican failed attempt like the GOP Health Care Plan say Democratic leaders.

—While it has received little attention, New Yorkers have been rallying over proposed cuts to the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency. At a recent rally, protesters from Food and Water Watch, Environmental Advocates of New York, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, 350.NYC and NYPIRG gathered outside NYS Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office in Manhattan to urge him to stand up for the EPA and oppose proposed cuts. The Trump administration cuts would reduce the EPA by 31%, eliminate more than 50 programs and 3,200 jobs. Environmental activists says the EPA and its protections are needed now more than ever and they call out Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA for being in the pocket of the oil and gas industries.

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