WBAI Evening News
- 09/06/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Senator Dick Durbin, September 6, 2017
There was outrage and determination to protect young immigrants at City Hall last night. NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer said, "When you can turn on the tv and see a nazi swastika or see the KKK or see racism coming out of the mouth of the President of the United States, this is not how our children should be growing up. It is a disgrace in America!" Stringer was joined by other NYC leaders at City Hall who spoke out against Trump and his decision to rescind DACA.

—We also hear from Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin at the Capitol on the need for quick passage of the Dream Act. It would provide a path to citizenship for Dreamers. Please click the arrow above for audio.