- 08/09/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Acting Brooklyn DA, Eric Gonzalez, August 9, 2017
—Even though there are reports that North Korea's military is examining plans for attacking Guam, former Exxon CEO, now Trump’s Secretary of State said Americans shouldn’t worry. We examine the rhetoric and actions over the last few days, the ratcheting up of hostilities and concerns of people on all sides. Meanwhile it’s the 72nd Anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Nagasaki. We look at the toll it took and how the people of Nagasaki are hoping for peace as they work on a global effort toward a nuclear ban.

—The people of Yemen are facing an unspeakable humanitarian crisis. We have a report from the United Nations. Code Pink plans a protest in Washington D.C. Thursday against the U.S. backed Saudi war on Yemin.

—The Trump administration slapped more sanctions on Venezuela. President Maduro remains defiant.

—Attack on a soldiers outside a barracks in Paris injures 6 and calls into question the effectiveness of anti-terrorism patrols in place in Paris,since the attack on Charlie Hebdo

— Today was a good day for thousands of New Yorkers with old summonses and warrants for minor offenses. District Attorneys in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens joined together with courtsw to throw out over 640,000 arrest warrants. These were for broken window offenses from ten or more years ago.

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