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- New York 06/21/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

— Republican Party wins in South Carolina. It also wins in Georgia where Karen Handel who has a horrible record regarding women's health won the seat vacated by Tom Price who is now Trump's Health Secretary. 

—Republican Health care bill put together behind closed doors is criticized in advance of its release by senators from both parties. Democratic senators blasted it on the Senate floor. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy says, "It isn't a healthcare bill. It's tax cut bill for millionaires." He holds up a chart showing how tax cuts would go to the 1% while fewer Americans would be covered by healthcare.

— There is concern that Federal defunding of Planned Parenthood is in the Republican bill which is to be released on Thursday. We revisit a NYC rally in support of Planned Parenthood held just after the organization's 100th birthday celebration at City Hall.

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Sen Christopher Murphy, U.S. Senate on Health Care Law Replacement