- 05/25/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI NEWS)

Jens Stoltenberg and Donald Trump, Brussels, May 25, 2017
—At the dedication of NATO's new headquarters, near a gnarled remnant of the North Tower and sections of the Berlin Wall, Donald Trump lectured NATO leaders on paying their fair share on defense. Earlier, Barack Obama spoke to thousands on Democracy alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 

—The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reinstate Trump’s revised travel ban which targeted people from six Muslim nations: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The Trump Administration will likely appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

—Mourners gather in Manchester over the 22 people lost in Monday's terror attack. Political controversy erupted over published leaks in the bombing investigation. 

 —Democrats and Republicans spar over the Congressional Budget Office estimate that the GOP replacement for Obamacare would leave 23 million uninsured. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon says the GOP "tried to put lipstick on a pig and made a big mess." The Democrats say they will make sure Americans understand the consequences of the Republican bill over the next few days.

—Eyes are on a special election in Montana over a flippable U.S. House seat, and on Greg Gianforte. He's a far-right Republican millionaire running against progressive Rob Quist,  Gianforte body slammed a Guardian reporter and moveon.org is spreading audio of the attack in a push for people of Montana to come out for Quist.

—Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, is facing renewed scrutiny over a series of oil leaks across the country.

—The New York Times reported that Russian intelligence discussed exerting influence over Trump through his advisers. —Ex-CIA Chief Brennan testifies to a House Intelligence Committee Hearing on why Russians targeted the Clintons.

—We end with Woody Guthrie's "Tear the Fascists Down," a reminder of when the U.S. and Russia were allies. 

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