What's Wrong With NYPD Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program--New Yorkers Rally in Defense of Venezuelan President Maduro
- New York 04/20/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

—NYPD Body Camera Pilot Program

—Communities United for Police Reform along with 40 community groups challenged the start up of the NYPD body-worn camera pilot program set to begin next week. —Outside City Hall near One Police Plaza, police reform advocates and attorneys voiced their concerns about how the program is structured and how it is to be reviewed.


— Venezuelan President Maduro took to the street on Wednesday in a massive rally to defend the leftist “Bolivarian revolution” launched by his late mentor Hugo Chavez in 1999. Maduro is fighting off the U.S. as well as center-right opposition’s efforts to force him from power. Former Exxon CEO, Donald Trump's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been threatening the country. Bolivian President Morales says it's all about oil. 

—Meanwhile New Yorkers with the Alberto Lovera Bolivian Circle say "clear threats from DC on the overthrow of the Venezuela's government, backed by extreme media distortion, are beyond frightening." They rallied in Times Square along side Black Lives Matter protesters in defense of the Maduro government in Venezuela. WBAI's Ekim Killic brings us their voices. 

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Darius Charney, lead attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, outside City Hall, April 20, 2017