- 03/21/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

—Daniel Pantaleo, NYPD officer who put Eric Garner in a deadly chokehold had 14 allegations against him and 7 disciplinary complaints according to documents obtained by ThinkProgress.

—City Officials isued new protocols for Public Schools to deal with ICE. They ensure NYC Immigrant families that NYC Public Schools are safe for students.

—Move.org in its weekly Resistance Call features Reverend Barber who speaks on deconstruction by the Trump administration as part of a history to deconstruct the progressive legacy.

—In Day 2 of the Senate judiciary hearing into Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse questions him about dark money being spent to secure his nomination.

—and more.

headline photo
Screengrab from C-Span, March 21, 2017