WBAI Evening News
- 02/27/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

-Trump met with CEO's of health insurance providers at the White House. He said, "We will ultimately work with the Democrats."  

-Trump administration won't challenge Texas Voter ID Law as the Obama administration had been doing. Danielle Lang with the Campaign Legal Center says they and other groups such as the Brennan Center will continue to argue that the law's intent is discriminatory.

-New Siena poll: Only 29% of New Yorkers give Trump a favorable job performance 

-In a blow to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, Representative Keith Elllison was defeated in his bid for Chair of the DNC. The more centrist former Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected. Kevin Gosztola Shadowproof Media says making Ellison Vice-Chair is tokenizing Ellison. 

-It's a busy week in NYS and NYC politics. Ben Max of Gotham Gazette takes a look.

-And Moonlight wins Best Picture. It's the first LGBTQ movie to have won the Oscar in the Academy's eighty-nine year history. 

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Donald Trump met with CEO's of Health Insurance Corporations. White House, February 27, 2017