Homeless New Yorkers Speak Out
- New York 01/04/2017 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Eddie Paradise, a homeless New Yorker, stands on the steps of City Hall today speaking out against police who illegally seize and discard personal properties of homeless New Yorkers. 

Niketa Price, a civil rights organizer with Picture The Homeless wants to let the Mayor and City know that homeless have the same rights as other New Yorkers.  Paradise and Price speak under a large blue banner which says, "Organizing for Dignity" Below that,"Don’t Talk About Us. Talk With Us."  Floyd Parks, A homeless New Yorkers whose belongings were tossed is thankful that people are hearing and sharing his story.

It's a day of celebration for homeless activists and for Picture the Homeless. With the help of the NYCLU and a campaign #TheThingsWeCarry, asking for humanity in the treatment of homeless New Yorkers, New York City settled a suit. It will provide compensation to the three homeless New Yorkers for the personal items police illegally seized and threw away, back in the winter of 2015.  The voices are poignant. Advocates make it clear that homeless New Yorkers have rights. just like all New Yorkers do. 

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headline photo
Floyd Parks (Center) City Hall, January 4, 2017. Photo: Erica Siudzinski


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