Rally to End NYS's Jim Crow System of Incarceration and Torture
- New York 12/16/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

CLOSE TO HOME —New Yorkers  are fed up with the school to prison pipeline, with the system of incarceration in New York which destroys people's families and communities.

This week a broad coalition of community groups from across the state came together to demand a comprehensive policy platform of change to empower and protect the rights of New Yorkers.

On any given day, 75,000 New Yorkers are in NYS prisons and local jails. And land in priosn because they can’t afford bail. Lorenzo Brooks spent 30 years in prisons across New York State. Now with Parole Justice USA, he says bail is supposed to be affordable.

Please click the arrow above to hear Brooks and other prison reform advocates working to change the system.

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Vivian Nixon, College & Community Fellowship. City Hall, December13, 2016


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