WBAI Evening News
- New York 12/06/2016 (WBAI)

Indian Point Nuclear Reactors and the Hudson River in Buchanan, New York. Indian Point threatens the Hudson, Sea Life, Surrounding Areas, including New York City. Photo: Riverkeeper
— Spike in Hate Crimes in NYC—NY Gov. Cuomo looks into racism in prisons Upstate New York—Election Recount2016 proceeds—More Republican roadblocks—NYU's Mark Crispin-Miller​ on need for Recount—A Win in the Effort to Close Indian Point, but activists still watchful because the win could be derailed by Trump and his commerce pick, Wilbur Ross.—Mistrial for the cop who killed Walter Scott—Sally O'Brien speaks with Cuba's Deputy UN Ambassador on Fidel, his passing, his impact on a young Cuban who grew up to be a Diplomat.