WBAI Evening News
- 11/29/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

-Civil Rights Groups call out Donald Trump over incidents of bias and hate 
-In defiance of Donald Truimp, Revcom burns a flag in Columbus Circle
-NYC Council Members continue to denounce Trump
-Queens Council Member Danny Dromm is committed to resisting every aspect of the Trump administration
-NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito on bill for Trump security and expresses concern over voter suppression
-Council Member Vanessa Gibson on package of legislation from the City Council Women's Caucus. In this time of Donald Trump, it includes an Office of Crime Victim Services.
-Feminist Commentary from Sunsara Taylor in reaction to the President-elect.
-US Senator Elizabeth Warren on standing up against fraud which would stem from $6.3 billion dollar medical research bill
-Anniversary of Fight for 15
-Hunger and demand for food at pantries and soup kitchens in NY is higher than in the recession 
-And as websites and blogs receive condolences over the death of Fidel, US media continues to denounce the revolutionary leader. WBAI's Sally O'Brien speaks with Rosemari Mealy, author of Fidel and Malcolm X

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Rosemari Mealy, Fidel Castro