NY AG Won't Investigate Death of Deborah Danner
- New York City 10/20/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman won't be the Special Prosecutor investigating the death of 66 year old Deborah Danner. Instead Bronx DA Darcel Clark's office will investigate. This raises concerns with police reform advocates and others. 

Danner was shot by NYPD Sergeant Barry in her Bronx apartment Tuesday night. When police entered her home she was in her room undressed with a pair of scissors. Barry talked her out of holding the scissors. She picked up a wooden baseball bat and threatened Barry according to police. He then fired two shots killing the 66 year old woman. Barry had a stun gun on him, but didn’t use it. The sergeant has been placed on modified duty. According to authorities, this was not Ms. Danner’s first interaction with police who were aware of her mental illness, so there was no cause for surprise when cops entered her home.

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