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- 10/10/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

—International news: Dire conditions in Haiti following Hurricane Mathew; U.S. backed Saudi Coalition targets funeral in Yemen; Doctors Without Borders in Aleppo are exhausted and understaffed with 35 doctors for 275,000. Greece bailout; Students hold protest in Johannesburg. 

—Campaign trail: Second debate between Clinton and Trump is seen as one of the ugliest in presidential campaign history. A sniffling Trump threw repeated punches at Clinton. And she called him out for bragging about sexually assaulting women. No real substance was discussed to persuade undecided voters. Russia bashing was used as Clinton's cover when asked about a new Wikileaks dump of emails from campaign manager John Podesta. 

—It's the 15 year anniversary of the U.S.. War in Afghanistan and President Obama isn't the one calling the shots according to Peace Activist Ray McGovern

—New York mourns the loss of one of our own, Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Thompson was more than a colleague. “Ken was was my friend. I am honored to be beside him in the storied history of Brooklyn as the first African-Americans to hold boroughwide office, and I know that many young men and women will reach a bit higher because of the heights that Ken reached in his career and his life. Let us all lift up his family and friends at this most difficult hour, and let us continue to support the men and women of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office who will further the mission that Ken Thompson laid out for our borough, city, state, and nation.”

Ken Thompson was fifty years old. He is survived by his wife of 17 years and two children.

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