RNC Day One
- 07/19/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Code Pink's Alli McKraken disrupts day one of RNC
—On day one of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife gave a speech which was said to be lifted from a speech Michelle Obama gave in August of 2008.

—Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave a law and order speech filled with accusations. He faulted Barack Obama for not keeping the peace and not protecting police officers better. He also spoke out against unjustified killings by police.

—Also there was a floor fight over a state by state roll call vote, spearheaded by the Dump Trump movement. It was shut down by party leaders.

—And there were protests inside and outside of the RNC. Code Pink's Alli McKraken disrupted the convention unfurling a pink banner which said "Yes We Can End War." Getting close to Mike Pence she shouted "End Mike Pence’s war on women!" Pence, Trump’s VP pick, has been attacking women’s health clinics and women’s right to choose during his many years in Congress and as Indiana governor. 

—While Monday’s RNC theme was Make America Safe Again, tonight’s theme is Make American Work Again. Speakers include two of Trump’s children and House Speaker Paul Ryan.