Peace Activists Protest NATO Aggression
- New York 07/11/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

This weekend at the annual NATO Summit in Poland, President Obama announced that a nuclear armed NATO would be increasing its presence around Russia's borders.

Fearing that these actions may escalate intentionally or by accident into a nuclear war, peace activists gathered from many groups in Times Square, outside the Army Recruitment Center. They denounced aggression by U.S. led NATO, a shadow organization into which the U.S. pours over $500 billion annually. 

Sally Jones with Peace Action New York State carried a sign which read, "NATO's increased military actions endanger peace. We must challenge provocative U.S. Military actions along Russia's borders." 

President of the U.S. Peace Council, Al Marder acknowledging that various groups in the peace movement have had differences, said "facing the threat of a nuclear war what's needed is to overcome differences." He urged activists to go back to their organizations to work to dissolve NATO.

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