Indian Point: Rise up in Righteous Anger NY
- New York 06/07/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Map from Entergy, owner of Indian Point in Buchanan NY, shows the plume of radioactive tritium leaked from Indian Point 2 going into the Hudson River
— That's what Nuclear Expert David Freeman says. He is senior adviser to Friends of the Earth’s nuclear campaign. He says, "That time bomb is sitting there and we better shut it before it goes off." Friends of the Earth filed an emergency petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to block the restart of IP-2, and demanding the IP-3 reactor also be powered down and investigated for similar damage.

—At a news conference Tuesday in New York City, environmentalists spoke out on the continued dangers of Indian Point and an end run which links an enforceable renewable energy standard target of 50% renewable energy by 2030 in New York State with subsidies which could keep old plants like Indian Point operating. This in advance of a meeting of the NRC Wednesday evening in Tarrytown, NY where the public is invited to voice comment. 

—Please click above to hear our report with Paul Gallay, Executive Director, Riverkeeper; Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Action Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater; Tim Judson, Executive Director, Nuclear Information and Resource Service and Susan Hito Shapiro with the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition.