Notes From the Left Forum: Amy Goodman
- New York City 05/29/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman at the Left Forum in New York City May 22, 2016.
—Rage, Rebellion, Organizing Our Power was the theme of the Left Forum in New York City held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

—Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, on a 20th Anniversary tour of the award winning program, addressed the Left Forum. She spoke out about Donald Trump, "the man who has ripped open the underbelly of hate" and the importance of independent media, a media that covers power not a media that covers for power. She said "The media can be the greatest force for peace on earth, instead all too often it's wielded as a weapon of war." 

—Please click the arrow above to hear what she has to say.

—Notes from the Left Forum is a new series produced at WBAI Radio in NYC. Thanks to Brian Drolet at Deep Dish TV and Seth Adler and associates at the Left Forum. 

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