Democracy Spring Protests at the Capitol
- New York 04/16/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Rosario Dawson among other Democracy Spring Protesters in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
Democracy or Plutocracy is what this election is about say activists @DemSpring where hundreds were arrested in DC this week. Kai Newirk is a Democracy Spring organizer. He says protesters call on anyone running for office to say if they stand with them on the side of Democracy or on the side of big money and corruption. "People have come from all over this country. People from 33 states have walked 140 miles from Philadelphia to DC. Hundreds of people have gone to jail, day after day." 

And Newirk calls on the media to lift up the story. He says the vast majority of American people agree with them across the political spectrum. "And we're bringing their voice to the Capitol and Congress is refusing to listen and instead is sending people to jail day after day."  

Newirk says that's a scandal and an outrage, but it's also a story of hope because people are coming together. "We're doing what's just and we're walking in a tradition of non-violent action in our country that has always prevailed when people were ready to continue to fight."  

Actress Rosario Dawson arrested wearing a jacket with a picture of Bernie Sanders stenciled on her back says the police were "lovely," treated her well and gave her many chances not to get arrested, but she says this isn't the case for many people like Dreamers and Black Lives Matters Activists. "..not the case for so many in America who are also showing civil disobedience to bring light and attention to some of the very critical matters that are ahead of us."

Dawson says she hopes officers across the nation can take heed of that and realize the peaceful protests that are going on around this nation should also see the kind of leniency she is seeing and asks that Police stand with the people to win participation and power.