Stop the Algonquin Pipeline-Shut Down Indian Point
- New York 02/29/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Governor Cuomo asked the Federal Government to Stop the Algonquin Pipeline near Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. He ordered an immediate independent safety analysis due to the proximity to the troubled Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants in Buchanan, New York.

Activists are rejoicing over this. Courtney Williams, a spokesperson for ResistAIM said “We strongly support the Governor's decision to conduct this independent assessment given the ongoing public safety concerns of siting this massive pipeline adjacent to Indian Point and the repeated incidents of fires and contaminated water leaks that are happening there. We share the Governor’s concerns and hope his administration will instruct the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to reevaluate the water quality certificate in light of these ongoing problems.”

But as you'll hear in this report, activists are very concerned about radioactive material leaching into the Hudson River. Shut Down Indian Point Now says it is leaching into the groundwater, putting drinking water in many New York communities including New York City at risk. They are planning a demonstration on Thursday at 1pm outside City Hall. 

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SAPE2016, Stop Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, blockades Spectra AIM Pipeline in Verplanck, NY, Feb. 29, 2016