Let Us be King-Like
- 01/18/2016 (Bklyn Borough Pres, Eric Adams)

Eric Adams. Photo: MCBrooklyn
Today as we reflect on Dr. King’s life and legacy, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says, "We must be King-like and remember our core values as Americans and as decent human beings.

He says, "We must be King-like and resist the extremists that promote divisive hate speech and want to close our borders to people in need." And we should be King-like and embrace our hyphens according to Adams. 

"We are African HYPHEN American, Dominican HYPHEN American, Caribbean HYPHEN American, Chinese HYPHEN American, Jewish HYPHEN American, German HYPHEN American. Dr. King knew that our diversity is our strength. We cannot be weakened by those who fail to see that.

"Let us embrace the hyphen in the year ahead, embrace the diversity we share. We are all members of the greatest race alive - the human race. God bless the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."