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- 01/07/2016 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Baltimore Police arrest Freddie Gray April 12, 2015. Soon after he died of spinal cord injuries. 6 officers were indicted in the case. A mistrial was declared for the first officer. The second officer is now standing trial. Photo BaltimoreMagazine.net
—UN Emergency Meeting over North Korea supposed hydrogen bomb test—The House approved a bill which repeals Obama Care and cuts funding to Planned Parenthood— Tehran offers to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran—NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito pays fine for accepting payment from lobbying group—NYS Legislature back in session- what they're likely to deal with—Cleveland-NAACP wants to see Grand Jury testimony in case of Tamir Rice—Baltimore-Judge rules 1st officer must testify against second officer who drove the van in Freddie Gray case.