CCNY Students and Faculty Rail Against Budget Cuts
- New York 11/23/2015 (WBAI)

In 2011, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill called the NY SUNY 2020 law, which put into effect what was dubbed as a “rational tuition” plan.  This tuition plan called for an incremental increase in tuition by $300 each year for the next five years.  This was in effect, seen as a smokescreen for students to fund SUNY and CUNY, rather than the state.

The enacted tuition increase of $300 every year for five years for CUNY and SUNY students was passed, but with the condition that Albany wouldn’t enact any budget cuts over this 5-year period.  However, the law forgot to consider rising operating costs, and now the five years of tution hikes are expiring. 

Students and faculty alike are worried that this tidal wave of budget cuts will become the new solution for tackling the budget gap.  But most importantly, students also anticipate a new round of tuition hikes will come into effect. 

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