Trump Ignites Resentment and Anger in NYC Communities
- New York City 11/08/2015 by Linda Perry Barr (WBAI News)

Marnie Halasa, Performance Artist/Activist: unofficial OWS Freedom Fairy at Donald Trump/SNL/NBC Protest. November 7, 2015
This weekend a handful of protesters stood across the street from demonstrators protesting NBC and SNL, where republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was to host the show. They carried signs which said, "Build the Wall," "Donald Trump is hosting SNL, Get over it."  

On the other side of the street from the entrance to NBC, Latino and Latina millennials and other New Yorkers held a rally to protest what they say is Trump's divisive message. One protester said he represents American fascism.

Others expressed anger against NBC which they say plays into a mindset that Trump is a joke, to be used as a ratings booster. Activists say Trump and his message are dangerous.

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