Rise UP October #ShutDownRikers
- New York City 10/23/2015 by Nellie Hester Bailey (WBAI News)

Friday morning Activists held a direct non-violent action at the Queens entrance to the Rikers Prison Complex. It's where 14,000 inmates are housed each night, many have done absolutely nothing wrong, but can't afford bail. That's why activist are calling Rikers a debtor's prison and they held a protest to shut it down as part of Rise Up October.  

As Nellie Hester Bailey reports, there were about 200 protesters. It was a visually moving and poignant action. They held photgraphs of prisoners who died at Rikers.  17 people were arrested.  Please click on the arrow above for more. 

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Rise Up October, Shut Down Rikers Protest, October 23, 2015