Fake Doctor
- New York 08/14/2015 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Edward Lee-Daniels
A man posing as a doctor was arrested in Staten Island. He was an airline attendant and an eyebrow threader, but never a doctor or a clinical psychologist as he claimed. Nonetheless Daniel Lee-Edwards has been treating patients, more than 100 of them, without a license and he has been prescribing medications for years. 

He would call in prescriptions, bypassing the need for prescription pads. Generic Zoloft was his prescription of choice, because it could go undetected since it's not on the list of controlled substances which need to be entered into a database.

Lee Edwards first came to the DA’s attention when notified of suspicious practice methods in June of this year. They issued a 12 count indictment against Lee-Edwards. Members of the public who were treated by Donald Lee-Edwards are asked to call Det. Steven Greco of the Richmond County Detective squad at 718 556-7161.