Staten Island Power Outages
- New York City 07/20/2015 by Peter Kadushin (NYC Mayor's Office)

Fact Sheet

“This afternoon about 19,000 Con Edison customers in two networks on Staten Island lost power.  The City is working closely with Con Edison as the company restores services.  All City agencies are coordinating to ensure Staten Island and its residents get the support they need.  As always, in the event of an emergency, affected residents should call 911.”

- First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris

Con Edison

-19K customers now out of service

-Two Con Edison networks impacted (Fox Hills and Fresh Kill)

-Three feeders went out at approximately 2PM causing the initial outage

-Five feeders were down at one point

-Currently, two feeders remain out and they are undergoing repairs

-Transporting 8 generators to support the two impacted networks – 3 are currently on site

-Richmond Hills under an 8% voltage reduction

-Midtown West network in Manhattan under an 8% voltage reduction

-Residents should report a loss of electric service to Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED (26633)

-Con Edison has asked customers in impacted areas who have power not to use appliances such as washers, dryers, air conditioners, and other energy-intensive equipment until the equipment problems are resolved


-Task Force resources currently being deployed to Staten Island

-Traffic assistance: 32 traffic agents and 4 supervisors to manage main thoroughfares

-Transporting light towers – 24 light towers to provide lighting at critical intersections and locations including Hylan Blvd. and Father Capodanno Blvd.

-Visiting critical care patients to get them necessary attention and care


-Coordinating citywide response

-Setting up field command post near Staten Island University Hospital

-Extending hours of operation for select cooling centers on Staten Island until 11PM: Todt Hill Community Center at 255 Westwood Avenue, Richmond Terrace Community Center at 71 Jersey Street, and West Brighton Community Center at 230 Broadway

-Facilitating deployment of MTA busses to help provide air conditioning at critical locations

-Contacting nursing homes in impacted areas

-Transporting 8 light towers to the area

-Managing the deployment of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers (currently 19 volunteers are assisting NYPD with traffic control)


-Adding units to impacted areas

-South Brooklyn EMS units being prepped to support potential increase in call volume


-Stair climbers to check on elderly and critical NYCHA residents

-Deployed high-voltage electrician teams to hook up generators when deployed

Neighborhoods Seeing Partial Outages

St. George

Grymes Hill

Dongan Hills

New Dorp

Todt Hill

Richmond Hills

Old Place

Mariners Harbor




Ward Hill

New Brighton

South Beach


Ocean Breeze

Fort Wadsworth


Grant City

Great Kills



Silver Lake

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